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ECOLEAF: Mindful Metallization in Label Embellishment

ECOLEAF is a mindful metallization technology developed by ACTEGA, enabling eye-catching metallic embellishments with a significantly improved environmental profile. The technology reduces waste and plastic consumption over traditional foiling methods. ECOLEAF is a game- changer for the cosmetics industry, that has a long-standing association with metallization.

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In the pursuit of sustainability, industries worldwide are revamping their operations, including re-evaluating the materials utilized for packaging. The print and packaging sector is encountering increased regulatory pressures, prompting businesses to adopt sustainable practices while urging the packaging industry players, including brand owners, to undergo significant design and composition revisions to meet these sustainability goals. This shift not only aligns with regulatory requirements but also positions brands advantageously as consumer demand for eco-friendly packaging surges. Recent research indicates that 75% of consumers worldwide prioritize sustainable attributes when deciding on a purchase. On the other hand, in today's fiercely competitive market, the visual appeal of packaging also plays a crucial role. Eye-catching packaging can differentiate a product on crowded shelves, compelling consumers to take notice and make a purchase. Thus, brand owners are pressed to find a balance between aesthetic appeal and sustainability, a task the packaging industry is embracing through technology and innovation. 

One such innovation that stands out in the market is ECOLEAF, a disruptive metallization technology. In a world where sustainability is more than just a buzzword, it’s truly encouraging to see innovation like ECOLEAF, developed by ACTEGA, a global print and packaging manufacturer that continuously invests in sustainable products and new technologies that make an impact without harming the planet. This mindful metallization technology exemplifies the merger of superior quality with eco-consciousness without compromise. By minimizing waste and optimizing resources, ECOLEAF enables the production of eye-catching metallic embellishments with a significantly improved environmental profile. 

Setting a new standard in labels world, ECOLEAF’s metallization can be utilised for numerous applications, including cosmetics and personal care. For decades, the cosmetic and personal care industries have relied on the allure of traditional foiling methods to create captivating, premium packaging designs. While visually appealing, these conventional practices involve excessive use of materials and energy, with a sizable environmental footprint. 

With ECOLEAF, the entire process of metallization has been reinvented. The technology works “on-demand”, delivering high-impact metallic effects wherever they are needed and eliminating the necessity for PET carrier film and foil reels. It significantly reduces waste and plastic consumption and minimizes the impact associated with the production and disposal of these materials.  

Enhancing Aesthetic Appeal Sustainably 

With the ability to deliver the same high shine, relief metallic embellishment, and diverse colour range associated with traditional metallization but in an environmentally friendly manner, ECOLEAF stands out in the market. The process uses considerably fewer raw materials – 1kg of ECOLEAF flakes effectively replaces 3,000kg of foil – thereby reducing the CO2 impact equivalent to planting around 833 trees.  

Unleashing a new wave of sustainable creativity in the industry, the ECOLEAF process begins with the printing of a trigger image on a substrate using a varnish-like material, which is then UV cured before passing through the metallization unit. ECOLEAF’s distinctiveness lies in its application of a thin layer of metal pigments onto the trigger image, eliminating the need for drying or curing and offering an eco-friendly and cost-effective solution. With the ability to overprint in any colour, ECOLEAF creates a true rainbow of metallic shades, allowing the highest degree of creativity while enhancing the quality of finished products.  

Beyond this, ECOLEAF also offers the benefit of on-demand metallization, empowering brand owners to swiftly change the artwork in case of limited editions or late-stage differentiation. The technology is simple and cost-effective and can be integrated into all printing production lines.  

A Game-Changer for Cosmetics and Personal Care Applications 

The beauty industry has a long-standing association with metallization, and consumers recognise its connotations of luxury. For cosmetics and personal care products, metallization is an essential part of the packaging that helps the brand stand out. According to recent consumer behaviour research, shoppers make a purchase decision within a mere 7 seconds of seeing a product. However, the pursuit of aesthetics should not come at the expense of the environment.  

With ECOLEAF, these brands not only benefit from high-quality metallic finishing but also significantly reduce their environmental footprint. In comparison to traditional cold foil transfer methods, ECOLEAF delivers notable CO2eq savings, making it a worthy choice for companies committed to their role in improving sustainability. ECOLEAF's lower environmental impact has been validated through several comparative examples and verified by independent external experts in accordance with the requirements of ISO 14040 standards and 14044 Life Cycle Analysis. 

Find Out ECOLEAF’s Sustainability Benefits – Get a Streamlined LCA for Your Own Label 

ECOLEAF's disruptive technology offers brand owners the opportunity to be on the right side of change, combining aesthetic appeal and sustainability in their labels.  

Timo Kondziela, Head of Global Marketing at ACTEGA, commented: “In an era where eco- consciousness dictates industry trends and consumer behaviour, ECOLEAF stands as a herald of change in the labels and packaging world. Through our technology, we see a clear path forward for brand owners to reconcile premium branding with environmental stewardship. ECOLEAF's solution- oriented approach proves that sustainability and luxury can coexist, marking a new chapter in the narrative of responsible labels and packaging. This is indeed mindful metallization at its best!”. 

For a limited time, ACTEGA offers a free streamlined Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) tailored to your specific application, coupled with a sample of your existing artwork label where the metallization is replaced with ECOLEAF technology. This enables brand owners to make informed decisions regarding their product's environmental impact and significantly reduce their carbon footprint. 

Contact us now for your tailored Streamlined LCA and embark on the journey towards a more sustainable future.

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