Metallization just like traditional methods but with less waste!

ECOLEAF enables the production of eye-catching metallic label embellishments with a significantly improved environmental profile. Are you a brand owner interested in improving the environmental footprint of your products without compromising on the design?

Convince yourself and get a free ECOLEAF print sample or choose a LCA tailored to your application.

High shine and relief metallic embellishment

It is well known that the industry standard technology for metallic embellishments, hot and cold foiling, is anything but environmentally friendly. Each year, thousands of tons of foil waste are sent to landfill or burned in incineration plants. With the ECOLEAF technology, ACTEGA has completely reinvented this process and created a truly sustainable solution that eliminates the need for foil altogether and uses radically less raw materials for the same output. And all this while creating outstanding, high shine and unique metallization effects for your packaging.

Creating a sustainable future

ACTEGA’s Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) shows a huge positive impact on sustainability and resource reduction: 

  • Plastic-free process eliminates the need for foil – reducing the CO2 footprint by over 50 percent compared to hot and cold foil
  • Significant reduction in production costs
  • Maximum process safety and efficiency
  • Optimization of resources

Convince yourself of the benefits of ECOLEAF

Contact us for a free LCA tailored to your application: we will compare your existing artwork label directly with a label in which the metallization has been replaced by our ECOLEAF technology. Or order a printed sample to discover the outstanding metallization effects of ECOLEAF.