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Die-cutting is a piece in the complete supply chain of a final product. But nor the less it decides significantly about success. What die-cutting solution you choose decides about appearance of the product, sustainability, quality as well as efficiency.
BERHALTER® is a strong partner for customer-specific die-cutting solutions according to the motto: "simply knowing how it works".

Why BERHALTER® is successful

BERHALTER® SWITZERLAND was founded in 1960 and is still a family-owned business in the third generation. BERHALTER® is known worldwide for flexible, efficient and innovative die-cutting solutions. 58 years of experience and continuous quality development have allowed us to grow into a dynamic company in the packaging materials industry.

Our high-performance die-cutting machines present the most cost-effective solution for powerful and precise die-cutting from the roll for a whole range of printed and unprinted paper, film and foil material.

BERHALTER® is the world’s first-rate manufacturer of flatbed die-cutting machines with its own tool-making shop. We assist our customers as a highly professional and responsible partner for the complete die-cutting process. As both a leading manufacturer of high-performance die-cutting machines and a specialist for die-cutting tools, we can offer tailor-made services – 100% Made in Switzerland.

Optimize your ground coffee production by choosing the right packaging solution

Where you find BERHALTER®

Whenever you hold a yoghurt lid or a deep-drawn pet food lid in your hands, you are most likely holding a BERHALTER® end-product, produced on a highly efficient BERHALTER® die-cutting press.

This applies for flat packaging lids out of aluminum or polyester, such as Nestlé yoghurt lids, as well as for packaging lids with relief impressions, like Philadelphia lids for cheese spread. Deep-drawn aluminum lids as those used for pet food like Sheba or Cesar enhances the extensive range of product opportunities. Additionally, BERHALTER® die-cutting solutions can be used to produce paper labels, e.g. on beer bottles and labels for IML applications, such as those on Starbucks coffee cups.

Our main markets

BERHALTER® is globally positioned and relies on highly trained professionals and a culture of values. The willingness to change is an important factor to reach best performances. All in the sense of "Smart Company".

As materials become ever more complex, thinner and more sensitive, and quality demands grow stricter a perfect interplay between die-cutting machines and die-cutting tools is more important than ever before. To survive in the current market environment a flexible and innovative die-cutting solution is needed. We are committed to our customers and stay with them throughout the entire die-cutting process and offer unique individuality.

Swiss workplace by contributing towards technological innovation

BERHALTER® is creating for all customers adding value, no matter whether products or services. We use innovative manufacturing procedures, which we constantly develop further with our partners from science and practice - because nothing is more constant than the change. We have been branded as the "Best Practice Corporation" in the field of digitalization by a numerous of our visitors. We are aware of what Industry 4.0 and digitalization means. Our innovations like BERHALTER® PRINTinspect™, WEBinspect™, BEAMstack™, REELsplicer™, PRElaser™ and SMARTembosser™ are reflecting Swissness.

The SMARTembosser™ is the logical evolution for pre-cut lids. As the name says, the SMARTembosser™ is a smart way to produce embossed lids. This by Berhalter patented system is unique and offers fantastic opportunities for rim-embossing, logo-embossing and de- embossing of pre-cut lids. The SMARTembosser™ makes every lid special and gives additional technical advantages.

With the application rim-embossing (embossing is done only in the sealing rim area) the lid is shining brighter and greatly enhances the clarity of color edges. It allows the printing of considerably smaller, yet readable lettering, which is important for product placement as well as for the food facts required under food regulations. Last but not least the SMARTembosser™ for rim embossed lids can influence the productivity of filling and sealing machines enormous.

The application logo-embossing and de-embossing gives our customers the opportunity to produce non-printed pre-cut lids with high-lighting a brand logo, sign or writing.

Using the patented Berhalter SMARTembosser™ technology, lids can be printed with intense color as well as more space for graphics and product information can be achieved – pre-cut lids never looked so brilliant.

We have the unique possibility to supply die-cutting machines and tools according to the specific market demand.

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